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Monday, May 18

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  • 9:15 am Interval Insanity is on! (10:30 am Gentle Fit cancelled)
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Monday, May 18

  • CLOSED (Please use the Fitness Corner gym and classes today)

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10 participants. 8 participants weighed in.

After 4 weeks participants lost from 2.8 – 6lbs for a total of 35.8lbs and 37.75 inches lost for the group of 8.

  • Most lbs lost: Susan B.
  • Most inches lost: Carla M.
  • Honorable mentions for most inches lost: Elizabeth C., Alana B., Angela B., Susan B.
  • Most motivated: Angela B.

Way to go ladies!

It brings a smile to my face to see kids outside playing. It also warms my heart to see parents outside playing with their kids. On a recent jog around town I noticed a group of girls in the 6-8 age range, wearing pretty dresses and playing tag on a front yard. It was clearly a birthday party and a mom was taking advantage of sunny day by supervising as well as participating in the outdoor activity. Further down the street I saw a dad playing basketball with a group of boys aged 10-12. Yes it was a beautiful day but no matter the weather kids of all ages will benefit by getting outdoors to play. Kids who experience an active lifestyle through parents who lead by example are more likely to stick with that lifestyle in later years. A British study found that kids who have parents who are inactive themselves have a 50% greater risk of being unfit than kids of active parents. Active parents don’t need to be superstars to be good role models. The kids just need to know that their parents encourage and support their activity and most importantly, that their parents participate in activity too.

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Tuesdays 7:00 pm at Fitness Corner South
Thursdays 7:00 pm at Fitness Corner
Sundays 9:15 am at Fitness Corner
BEGINS May 7 until June 25

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  • 3 days per week • Members: $70 • Non Members: $135
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  • 3 days per week • Members: $80 • Non Members: $145
  • 2 days per week • Members: $60 • Non Members: $115

Plus HST

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Congratulations to Frank Daly and Jennifer O’Reilly! Frank won a 5 Month Membership and Jennifer a “Younger Next Year” book in the Fitness Corner Raffle at the Rotary Home Show last weekend!

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Upcoming Classes...

9:15 am BUFF
May 23 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am
Bike + Upper Body + Flexibility + Fun. Join us for a 30 minute cycle workout, followed by 30 minutes of upper body & core strengthening with 15 minutes of basic yoga and stretching to[...]
9:15 am Cardio Muscle Mix @ Fitness Corner Studio
Cardio Muscle Mix @ Fitness Corner Studio
May 23 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am
Total Body Workout for both muscular strength and endurance. Continuous movement to GREAT MUSIC (including step and hi/lo) keeps the heart rate up for a sweat drenched sculpting session.
10:30 am Yoga @ Fitness Corner South Studio
Yoga @ Fitness Corner South Studio
May 24 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
9:15 am Interval Insanity
Interval Insanity
May 25 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am
INTERVAL INSANITY: This class will rev up your metabolism with a combination of calorie burning intervals and circuits to make your heart work, your muscles move and leave you feeling on FIRE! This is one[...]
9:15 am Pilates
May 25 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am
Developed by Joseph Pilates this muscular endurance program, done totally on the floor on a yoga mat, focuses mainly on core development but also includes upper and lower body strengthening exercises.

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